Etiquette Training – Children

It seems that all we read about is a decline in respect and civility in society. To correct this problem, we need to start teaching kids early.

Topic: Etiquette Training: Children’s  (Ages 8-12) ▬ Great Manners are the Key to Your Child’s  Future Success

Discription: This is not your parent’s etiquette class, kids today demand a lot more when they learn new things. We make learning good manners and respect for others fun and exciting. The classes move quickly and everyone has fun getting involved. Children will learn about introducing themselves, saying “please” and “thank you,” giving gifts, telephone manners, online manners, and writing thank you notes. There is even a section on dealing with teasing and bullies, and staying safe when strangers call, approach, or visit.

Exclusive program: 

  • Ages 8-12
  • Fun, warm, kind instruction
  • Parents are always welcome to participate!
  • Quick pace to keep children engaged
  • Conversational style involves children in discussion
  • Proper manners training
  • Emphasis on respect, value for others and integrity
  • Classes filled with games and activities geared toward topics
  • Lots of laughter!

Customize your program:

  • In home family training
  • After school classes
  • One day and ½ day seminars
  • “Mommy and Me” programs
  • Group “manners parties”

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