Dining Skills – Children

In these days of convenience foods, take out, busy working parents, extra-curricular activities, homework  and so on, it may be difficult to take the time to sit down at a table together as a family and to teach your children good table manners.

Topic: The Dining Skills Program: Children (Ages 7 – 13)

Topics Included:

  • Table Manners
  • Eating at School
  • Eating at Home
  • Table Linens
  • Using Your Napkin
  • Sitting Politely at the Table
  • Passing the Food
  • Correct Use of Utensils
  • American Style Dining
  • Continental Style Dining
  • Laying Down Utensils
  • Let’s Eat’
  • Breaking Bread
  • I Don’t Particularly Care for This
  • Handling Spills at the Table.

Description: Many see table manners as old fashioned but, I am sure that many of us are grateful for the table manners we learnt as children when we are faced with dining situations where being comfortable that you know how to have good table manners is important.  Teaching your children good table manners will benefit them in many situations throughout their lives.  Knowing what to do with your napkin, utensils or sitting politely at the table, will come as second nature if you have been taught and have practiced good table manners from childhood. “The Dining Skills Programs” will teach children to feel comfortable and self-assured in every situation.

Exclusive program:

  • Ages 8-12
  • Fun, warm, kind instruction
  • Parents are always welcome to participate!
  • Quick pace to keep children engaged
  • Conversational style involves children in discussion
  • Proper manners training
  • Emphasis on respect, value for others and integrity
  • Classes filled with games and activities geared toward topics
  • Lots of laughter!

Customize your program:

  • In home family training
  • After school classes
  • One day and ½ day seminars
  • “Mommy and Me” programs
  • Group “manners parties”


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