Dining Skills – Teens

Topic: The Dining Skills Program – Teens (Ages 13 – 17)

Topics Included:

  • Table Manners
  • Casual Dining
  • Formal Dining
  • Table Linens
  • Using Your Napkin
  • Sitting Politely at the Table
  • Passing the Food
  • Correct Use of Utensils
  • The American Style of Dining
  • The Continental Style of Dining
  • Laying Down Utensils
  • Six Rules for chewing
  • Breaking Bread
  • I Don’t Eat That!
  • Handling Spills at the Table

Description: Imagine going to a really nice restaurant and your date slurps and belches his way through the meal, I don’t care how cute the person is, how do you get past that kind of behavior? We want our table manners to become so effortless that our focus during a meal is on the people we are with not which fork to use. Slurping a cup of coffee in a coffee shop is going to cause glares from those around you. Blowing one’s nose into a napkin at the table can turn off dining companions. We owe it to each other to eat with good table manners. Good table manners show respect for others.

Exclusive program:

  • Ages 13-17
  • Fun, warm, kind instruction
  • Parents are always welcome to participate!
  • Quick pace to keep teens engaged
  • Conversational style involves teenagers in discussion
  • Proper manners training
  • Emphasis on respect, value for others and integrity
  • Classes filled with exercises and activities geared toward topics
  • Lots of laughter!

Customize your program:

  • Private training
  • After school classes
  • One day and
  • ½ day seminars
  • Group “manners parties”

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