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Great Manners is the Key to Your Child’s  Future Success!

Too often young people get a bad rap in our society. Because of the acts of a few, the whole group may be labeled as narcissistic, surly, headstrong, thoughtless and lacking in insight. A revolving door of teen idols like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and the cast of reality shows like “The Real World” and “Jersey Shores” portray teens and young adults as shallow and spoiled, giving little thought to anything except expensive designer labels, fame for the sake of fame, and wild partying.

Of course if we take a look at the young people around us we don’t see kids who are out of control and destructive. Sure there are those who act out, but the vast majority of young people, are pretty well grounded. They go to school, work part time jobs, play sports, participate in after school activities, and spend time with family. Most are concerned about the right stuff; pleasing their parents, getting into college, attaining their high school diplomas, choosing career paths, learning how to relate to the opposite sex and gaining their independence.

While they are in our care it is important to provide them with as much preparation for adulthood as possible. This does not mean pedantic lectures from authority figures about right and wrong. It means having a dialogue with them about how a society functions well, the importance of treating people with respect, their role in society, valuing others, and living with integrity. In other words it is important to teach them the rules of etiquette.

The Topic: Etiquette and Dining Skills Training

Etiquette and Dining Skills Training teaches basic manners and communication skills with a strong focus on respect and value for others, integrity and putting people at ease. Content is geared toward life today.

Details: Knowing the proper social graces allows young people to feel confident and poised. It is important to equip them with sound social skills. It isn’t fair to allow kids to behave improperly. Adults must remember that even though today’s children seem very mature, they aren’t, they have just been bombarded with adult content and in turn copy what they see and push the limits as far as adults allow.

Outcome: Young people deserve to inherit a world with manners. If we allow rules of civility and etiquette to slide, they assume that manners have no real intrinsic value and need only be used when convenient. Arming children with the proper etiquette and social skills to feel comfortable in all life situations is a gift that children will use naturally.