Dining Skills – Young Adults

Do you believe that your table manners could stand between you and your dream job or between you and your dream date? It may seem unfair, but many people have missed out on jobs and dates because when sharing a meal they demonstrated horrible manners.

Topic: The Dining Skill Program – Young Adults (Ages 18 – 22)

Topics Included:

  • Invitations
  • Host Duties
  • Guest Duties
  • Seating Guidelines
  • Taking Your Seat and Napkins
  • Host and Guest of Honor Duties
  • Toasting: You Are in the Spotlight
  • Posture at the Table and Excusing Yourself
  • Silverware Savvy
  • American Style of Eating
  • Continental Style of Eating
  • Asian Style of Eating
  • A Visual Dining Tutorial
  • World-Class Dos and Don’ts
  • Dining Dos
  • Dining Don’ts
  • Eating Various Foods
  • Tipping
  • A Formula for Success

Description: Why would an employer care whether or not you know how to hold a fork? The competition for good jobs can be fierce and employers look for the entire package when hiring. Not only do they seek people who can do the job, they look for people who are poised, self-assured and capable of representing the company in the best light possible. Someone with dismal table manners simply can’t be sent out with a client. And that is a deal breaker. Good table manners show respect for others.

Exclusive program:

  • Ages 18 – 22
  • Quick pace to keep young adults engaged
  • Conversational style involves young adult in discussion
  • Proper manners training
  • Emphasis on respect, value for others and integrity
  • Classes filled with exercises and activities geared toward topics
  • Lots of laughter!

Customize your program:

  • Private training
  • After work classes
  • One day and ½ day seminars
  • Group “manners parties”

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